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Email Marketing

A Must-have eCRM, Marketing Tool for All Marketers!

Allows you to create immediate sales and build brand awareness with ease. Not only maintaining customers’ loyalty but also reaching potential customers in one go.

Email Marketing – ePost121

An Award-Winning Email Marketing Service

ePost121 is a focused, targeted, efficient and cost effective marketing
channel developed by DMA. You can send email promotional
messages to new potential customers with our PERMISSION
, and even send company updates, newsletters, birthday
greetings and special offers to your existing customers through our
sophisticated eCRM System.

Superior Features of DMA’s
Email Marketing Service:

  • Automatic unsubscription handling mechanism and facility
    statements in all email broadcasting messages to comply with the
    Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance (UEMO)
  • Deduplication with DMA’s Opt Out master email list to avoid
    marketing wastage and increase campaign’s ROI
  • One stop shop Customer Database Management includes
    subscribers’ Opt In registration, contacts updating, bounce back
    emails handling and a wide range of pre & post-CRM functionalities
  • Automatic campaign response tracking functions, including email
    opening rates, click rates, unsubscribers‘ requests, etc.
  • Target acquisition support from reaching DMA’s MILLIONS of
    segmented Zmartbuy Members Databases, classified into
    different demographic and psychographic segments
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